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myaudioart Audiosystem

myaudioart flat Hifi systems are exclusive Art Speakers - they fit for the discerning design lover as well as the audiophile Hifi Expert. myaudioart combine convincing stereo sound with an individual designable picture. In this way sound and design combine in a unique and stylish way.

The most beautiful way to enjoy music

No matter how you define 'home' or 'working area' at AudioArt we see both as a place we can fill with audible and visible individuality. As a place to establish happiness through the specific atmosphere. myaudioart creates a custom tailored experience.

Whether relaxed, excited, open-minded, passionate, creative or entirely chaotic. The right song in the right moment in combination with a matching image changes the atmosphere of the room exactly fitting your preferences.

Declutter your home

Without disturbing speaker cables and visible speakers. Just Art which fits your lifestyle. No speaker towers in the corner of your room. No Subwoofer hidden behind Flowerpots. Just high-quality sound.

myaudioart soundsystems

A complete stereosystem to hang on your wall. The individual designable fabric covering offers endless possibilities to express your creativity.

audiotexx prints

The premium fabric printings offer the perfect plattform to underline your creativity. They consist of the special audiotexx material which offer a extraordinary sound permeability in combination with top-quality color printing, on top of that they are extremely durable and very easy to change.