Aesthetics meet function

myaudioart Flat Hifi Systems turn your favorite images into a complete soundsystem.

The design of myaudioart perfectly matches your personal taste of living without obstructive cables and speaker cabinets.

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myaudioart MA3

Despite its compact format of 72x49 cm (28.4x19.3 Inch) and a depth of less then 6 cm (2.4 Inch) the Flat Hifi System MA3 ensures a picture perfect sound in all rooms.

myaudioart MA5

The MA5 provides a unique experience when it comes to exquisite Hifi performances. This 121x83 cm (47.6x333 Inch) large and also ultra-flat lifestyle product meets the highest standards - both visually and acoustically

Upgrade your room with unique style - and music!

No matter if your home is considered as a meeting place for family and friends, a cocoon to sit back, relax and enjoy or an extension of one's own personality, a place essentially to show off: myaudioart is styled to give exquisite HiFi a uniqe setting. It combines a great music experience with unique design while making room for individual taste in interior design.

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Perfect in your homes

Set aesthetic signs in your home with an individually designed myaudioart Hifi audio system.

Perfect for your business

Space-Saving, innovative and with superior sound - in conference rooms or waiting rooms. myaudioart never fails to impress.

Perfect for your shows

Create a soundful statement at your booth to generate attention to your products in an innovative way.

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