Choose your individual image

The first custom image is already included in the soundsystem.

Our comprehensive image database was specially put together for myaudioart products and includes over 650 selectable images. For the exclusive taste and for the love of high-quality photographs a portfolio of artwork by renowned artists is available. Of course it is als possible to ipload your own personal picture. Thus, myaudioart becomes your individual and very personal piece of art.

There are no limits to your creativity

Bring sound to your favourite memories. Wheter a picture of your family or a nice snapshot: You choose your favorite moment and we put ít in front of your soundsystem

Easy to change

After the printing the fabric edge receives its stitched on rubber lip the so called "keder". This smart solution allows quick and easy change of the audiotexx printings. Every print is extremely color-stable and turns out impeccably smooth once its clamped into the frame.

Large selection of designs

Get ideas and suggestions on our extensive image database. There are pre-selected images for every mood or occasion.

exclusive artist editions

Selected artist editions including exclusive images and photographs are also available. Upgrade your room with these rare pieces

myaudioart turns your favorite image into a complete Soundsystem.

The nearly invisible frame made of high-quality aluminium enables an easy interchange of the audiotexx prints. Simply insert the rubber edges of the print into the notch. That's it. Once mounted the material runs smoothly without any wrinkles over the soundsystem. There is no visible difference between your soundsystem and a classic picture on your wall!

audiotexx – high-quality prints for a marvelous sound

To ensure long-lasting acoustical and visual pleasure every myaudioart digital print features audiotexx premium fabric which is extremely durable in every environment. Its exceptional material quality ensures brilliant color depth and best possible sound permeability.

Time to change your interior?

You don't have to move! Sometimes the changing of your audiotexx print is enough for a fresh style in your room.

The myaudioart voucher - Buy now, choose later!

Thanks to the myaudioart voucher card you can choose your individual audiotexx print later. This option is ideal to fetch myaudioart directly from the local shops or to make a present to a loved one. Your Flat Hifi System will be delivered with a nice audiotexx printing and an added voucher. The voucher allows you to get your individual print for free! Additionaly your ArtSpeaker will be delivered as soon as possible. You don't have to wait to enjoy music until your print is finished.

Upload your own image or choose from one of over 600.
Explore the different design opportunites in our myaudioart configurator.

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