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  • perfectly suited for bright and modern furnished rooms
  • available for both MA3 and MA5

With the Kruth Design design agency, we are expanding our configurator by including a new artist gallery. From now on you have the choice of 5 different artist editions to express your personal taste on your sound system.

The new designs bring a modern touch to our sound systems. Bright colors combined with a sophisticated typography characterize the new collection.


Whether on a large myaudioart MA5 in the format 121 x 83 cm or on the smaller MA3 in the format 74 x 49 cm, the new images look stunning on both our sound systems. The simple yet expressive designs discreetly unravel your space without being intrusive.




Bright, friendly motifs for your sound system

Under the name Kruth Design, the two sisters Maren and Inken offer illustrations and prints for a beautiful home. Maren and Inken originally came from the fashion industry and discovered the love of design. Drawing fashion and designing color worlds and graphics is still part of their work. The style of Kruth Design is delicate, feminine and sometimes also playful. All designs are created from the combination of analog and digital working techniques.

In the usual high quality we print the new images on our sound-permeable Audiotexx material. The exchange of the prints is very easy! Simply press the old print with the help of the enclosed keder hook out of the frame. The new print can then be fixed in the frame with the help of the rubber stamp. The exchange takes only a few minutes.



We have made our profession to what we love and can do best: be creative around the clock!"
- Maren und Inken Kruth


Discover the 35 new images in our gallery. Simply select a configurable product like our myaudioart MA5 or an Audiotexx Print for the MA3. Then select "Artist Editions". In the following view, you can choose from our artists. Choose KruthDesign and explore the extraordinary selection of our new artists.

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